Bracco /

Bracco’s infusion cart was intimidating, and not just because it was designed to churn out radioactive isotopes. It was a beast of a medical device; a mass of lead and sheet metal with a confusing array of analog controls. We were tasked to design a second generation product, and there was plenty to improve. Over the span of two years we defined, designed and deployed a next generation cart—from the casters up.

As the GUI designer of the team, I cataloged and translated usage scenarios into wireframe sketches. I consolidated and simplified tasks so technologists could worry about their patients, not their equipment. With the architecture firmly established, I developed a 60601-compliant aesthetic “skin” for the interface. Through implementation, I provided the software team with hundreds of graphic files, exported to perform within a restrictive ecosystem (QNX). For technologists who rely on rubidium infusion systems, we created a device that’s not just easier to use, it’s safer.

Imation /

A complete packaging system for Imation Hard drives. This design was inspired by the premise that scientific and technological progress can elevate human creativity.

Solutions Twin Cities /

Visual identity and promotional posters for Solutions Twin Cities' Solutions Volume 3 Event. Over at Solutions, they were so excited about the proposed concepts they produced two posters to promote the event.

Goldstein Museum of Design /

I developed posters, an interpretive video and online materials demonstrating rapid prototyping processes for the Goldstein's popular Here By Design III exhibit.

The video has been featured online at The New York Times, Core77, and BoingBoing.

Personal /

A typeface five years in the making, Augustus is now available from

Augustus is a hefty sans serif that combines classical humanist elements and precise geometry. I’ve paired the charisma of Morris Fuller Benton’s Eagle Bold with the flair of Zuzana Licko’s Dogma. The trained eye will detect a sprinkling of 19th century wood type in there as well.

Various Clients /

A selection of packaging favorites from the past year. These are photoshop renderings, as the packages have not yet been produced.

Various Clients /

A distinct mark is the keystone of any identity system. Many of these trademarks include custom typography.